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Sad stories, silly stories

P1430635P1430574In this week’s meeting we reached the end of The Indian in the Cupboard and discovered how the author, Lynne Reid Banks, decided to bring the story of Little Bull, Boone, Omri and Patrick to a conclusion.

It was a happy ending… but a sad one too as the boys said goodbye to their friends. When we’d finished, we ceremonially took the books and added them to the Dashwood School library for others to enjoy.

P1430604As a special extra this week, we also heard readings by some of the children who are in Miss Gooch’s literacy group. They have been creating sequel chapters for The Indian in the Cupboard, and shared their adventurous, surprising and dramatic writing with us.

Everyone made constructive comments about what they liked or found really effective in other people’s writing.P1430268s

P1430611To remind ourselves about the vocabulary we had learned during this book, we had previously played a game of ‘Silly Stories’ in which you fill in the gaps with adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs.

You don’t know if they’re going to make sense until you read the story out loud, and you can get some pretty funny outcomes.

So for this final session, we made up our own silly story, one group writing a tale with missing words, and the other group supplying them.

Nobody plans their suggestions in advance, and you don’t know what words other people are going to suggest, so it’s all a mystery until you get to the reading out at the end.


P1430636The resulting story went like this, with the missing words in bold:

I had such a gruesome adventure! It all began in Tasmania, with me and Cristiano Ronaldo. We were terrorising through the coconut rose when we heard the call of a cat. We soaked forward, and fell into a water bottle. All of a sudden, a fatty kangaroo came kicking towards me and separated us. Eventually we found each other and flew away in a Lamborghini.

Pretty silly? Try writing your own and see what you come up with!