How is school similar to a century ago?

20160205_092641In the last blog post we reported on a debate we held during Book for Breakfast looking for evidence that school has changed radically in the last century. In contrast, this post presents the views opposing the motion:

This house believes that Dashwood has undergone a revolution in the last hundred years.

The last post showed that lots of things have changed since Dashwood was built – from the location of the school itself, with its outdoor toilets, to the fact that one hundred years ago, girls and boys played and learned separately. So what arguments did the opposition gather to counter these arguments?

20160205_092053Mujtaba’s evidence was that we still monitor attendance today, just as they did in Edwardian times.

He pointed out that the log book records a visit by the HMI – an inspector, just as we have now. (Although one difference is that it was His Majesty rather than Her Majesty’s Inspector!) 20160205_092512

Anastazja pointed out that the school badges were similar now to then – and the school colours are still green and gold.

The handwriting children learned was cursive, just as today – she noticed this from a diary by Annie Meadows who was at Dashwood in 1912.Annie Meadows writing

Anastazja also said that we still have assembly today, and that the subjects of lessons are similar.

Ellis summarised his team’s points and added that school uniform is still compulsory, as it was a century ago.

We still have class photographs taken, he spotted, and pointed out several examples. We also 20160205_093110still win attendance certificates.

So who do you think made the best arguments – or what evidence do you feel really shows that school has changed, or is essentially similar to one hundred years ago?

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