A Dashwood timeline

20160304_094338Now that we’ve reached the 1960s in Dashwood’s history, it is a good time to put things in context. While changes happened at our school, what was going on in the rest of the world? We made some decade markers from 1900 to 1980 and started to fill in the details on a timeline on the wall.

But first, someone asked, why is a century called the twentieth century when all the years begin with 19? To understand this it helps to
think that in the first century, the years ran from 0-99. Then in the second century, they ran 20160304_092814
from 100-199. In the third century, the years ran from 200-299. So the years began with a two even though it was the third century.

It’s a bit like realising that in the eleventh year of your life, for example, you go from being ten and one day, to finally being 11 – when you enter your twelfth year of life!

Starting in the decade of the 1900s, the timeline soon showed that Dashwood’s foundation stone was laid – in 1901. There were medical inspections at school, and the heating was fixed!

20160304_093717In the 1910s, World War one broke out.  Happier times were ahead in the 1930s with the coronation of George VI in 1937 (for which the children of Banbury received souvenir spoons).

But all too soon the Second World War had begun, and Germany invaded Poland. Rationing came in and evacuees came to Banbury in the 1940s. Pearl Harbour was bombed by the Japanese in 1941 and America joined the war.20160304_093737

At school, headmistress Bessie Charles resigned and David Proctor arrived in 1943. After the war ended, and evacuees had returned home, Banbury’s population had reached 18,000. In the 1950s Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

The 1960s saw happy times – England won their first and only World Cup in 1966 – and Mr Underwood became headmaster in 1968. 20160304_093745

And what did Banbury have to look forward to in the years to come (which we haven’t yet finished reading about?) Well, for one thing, the birth of all the members of Book for Breakfast!

3 thoughts on “A Dashwood timeline

  1. Annelise Gooch

    Dear Rebecca and all the Books For Breakfast Crew!
    A big thank you from me for all of your hard work at Books For Breakfast. The fun you have had enjoying books and language is clear to see! Beth, Rabiya, Cameron and Natalie came to talk to some of Talk4Writing delegates today and they spoke so confidently and with passion about all the great writing they have been doing. It is clear to see that the reading and discussion you have in your club makes this enthusiasm grow all the more stronger. It is so wonderful to see young people enjoying literature and sharing time with one another. You are an inspirational bunch!

    1. Rebecca Post author

      Thank you Miss Gooch! That’s brilliant. Hopefully those going up to secondary school in September will keep reading there too!


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