Monthly Archives: May 2016

Joining Alice in Wonderland

AlicebookSo, once we had completed the Dashwood history book, what would be next? The obvious choice was to turn to the book that Year Six were preparing for their end of year play – Alice in Wonderland.

Consequences01 So this week we played consequences using the Alice characters. In this game, each person writes a boy’s name at the top of a sheet of paper, then folds it over. You pass on the paper, and the next person writes ‘met’ and then a girl’s name. Then it’s ‘at’, and you add in the place where they met. They then have a conversation which results in a consequence, and finally what the world had to say about it!

Consequences02The whole story builds up as you pass the pieces of paper around – and then everyone reads out the results. We ended up with Mad Hatters meeting Alices and Red Queens, lots of people losing their heads along the way – and the March Hare taking over the world.

But what would be next in our exploration of Alice in Wonderland? Join us next time to find out.