Christophe’s Story

B4B Selecting books bannerOur first session opened with a walk into Banbury Town to explore Waterstones. We enjoyed looking at the vast array of books, reading blurbs and sharing the books that interested us; creating a wish list of reads. We came away with copies of Christophe’s Story by Nicki Cornwell; a book that we feel is going to open up some very interesting discussion in our future sessions.

Christophes Story-webIn the story, an 8 year old child from Rwanda describes how he and his mother and his brother have to run for their lives after the “soldiers” have taken his father away. Why? Christophe’s father, Andre, does not agree with the policies of the ruling regime; and therefore his life (and the lives of members of his family) is in danger.

At one level, this story lends itself to discussion about human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, and the reasons for which people become refugees. But there is another, more sinister thread to this story that lies in the specific history of Rwanda’s colonial past. So there is another whole area of discussion to enter into, about global relationships, economic and political history, and the making of history itself.



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