A fabulous day experiencing London and learning more about British Law

Thank you to all of our Books for Breakfast pupils and Mrs Chew for a fabulous (and slightly adventurous!) day in London. Despite the rather testing public transport issues, we had a fantastic experience in Parliament learning about The House of Commons, House of Lords and the Monarchy. All of the children asked fantastic questions to develop their understanding of British Law and how Bills are passed to become Laws.

All pupils were superb ambassadors for Dashwood Banbury Academy with their resilience (when the trains were delayed!), their impeccable manners and their respect in what is a truly awe-inspiring historical building – Parliament. Thank you all for doing us proud – you were a pleasure to spend the day with.

5 thoughts on “A fabulous day experiencing London and learning more about British Law

  1. Mujtaba

    I really enjoyed visiting The Houses of Parliament and going in the House of Commons,watching the debate going on on BBC news! It was a lot of fun and I’m really grateful for going there (despite the British transport issues) and having a good time!

  2. Rabiya

    Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the trip to the Houses of Parliament and it was a
    once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish I was there with everyone, it seemed like a great trip

    1. missgooch Post author

      Really lovely to hear from you Rabiya! You would have enjoyed it, a truly fantastic experience. It made me think back to when you went to see the poppies-I know you all had a memorable day then too.

      Hope you are well Rabiya and enjoying secondary school!

    1. missgooch Post author

      Hi Mujtaba, great to hear from you! Hope your are amazing the Chenderit community – I know you will be. I have just started Books for Breakfast again and the new year 6 group are great.
      I miss you all and wish you lots of great times in your new school.
      Miss Gooch


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