Book for Breakfast 2017-2018

It has been three years since Rebecca Mileham and our pupils created the Books for Breakfast club at Dashwood Banbury Academy. With all of their passion, enthusiasm and dedication, the club went from strength to strength over this time.  A group set up for the enjoyment of literature, where pupils could discuss, explore and delve into books predominantly through fun activities. Because of the passion and enthusiasm of our pupils, Books for Breakfast continues; with an excited and enthusiastic new group of Year 6 pupils.

2 thoughts on “Book for Breakfast 2017-2018

  1. Mujtaba

    It’s nice to see that Books for Breakfast is being continued. They’ll have plenty of fun reading and enjoying themselves, as long as you keep that mini roll vote going, they’ll become more passionate and enthusiastic about it!😂😁

    1. missgooch

      Mujtaba, you have just reminded me of the all-important mini roll system for democracy. I will endeavour to ensure it makes an appearance soon.
      I hope that all goes well for you at Secondary School – remember to pop by to and tell me all of your news.


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